Wooden Dog Crate Furniture – How Does It Work For Your Home Décor?

You have chew toys, dog gear and dog beds in all the rooms in your house!  Sometimes it feels like your dogs have taken over, but we don't care because we love them that much!

How about a stylish wooden dog crate?   Our custom kennels are truly built to order, so we can finish the kennel to blend in with your existing furniture or create a bold accent piece.

Need a specific size to fit a nook or a particular spot?  We can do that, up to 9’ 10” long.  Want the door on the left instead of the right?  No problem! 

Have a smaller dog?  We can incorporate the kennel into an end-table or night stand.  We can add drawers and shelves to create storage for harness, leashes and toys or to use as a media center.

We do have standard sizes to help guide you, but we are happy to build to the dimensions you need.  We build single, double, triple and quad kennels.

Order a standard single or double kennel directly on our website.  Or call 405-624-0062 to order a custom kennel, triple or quad.  We’re happy to help.

Why Should You Buy a Crate?

The primary reason dog owners want a crate is because they intend to train their dog. The training sort will however also influence the sort of luxury dog kennel you choose. You must decide whether you will train your dog fully or only for occasionally explosive energy. You might wish to consider crates made of robust, strong materials that can manage your dog for longer periods of time, if you have full-term training in mind. If your dog only sleeps, you can choose a cake in your home that will work as a pet's bed.

It is a good idea to get them a crate that gives them a feeling of safety while traveling. If you intend to take your dog with you, it will be a good idea. In addition, if you have a readily exciting bowl, crate is very effective at assisting to calm your pets and their overly passionate behaviour against visitors. No matter why you want a crate, make sure to pick one that suits the requirements of your dog and which box you can readily customize.

Contact Kennel and Crate for luxury dog kennel.


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